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Born through word of mouth

FF Chips - a subsidiary of FF Squad - are services dedicated to the 90’s Golden Era Honda/Acura ECU modification and tuning. Back in 1998-99, this began as a side hustle under the guise of 'Katman ECU Chipping Services' that organically spread by word of mouth on several popular Honda forums at the time. It wasn't up until a few years ago a proper website and slight rebranding was finally realized!

Who’s Katman?

I'm a southern California based non-pronoun using Honda enthusiast. I've been into Honda's since the early 90's. I tinker, I'm a tech-spec nerd, and I like to road race. My apparent internet fame was gained over the years, not just through FF Squad fandom, but also thru helping fellow Honda forum bros with a wide range of mechanical and engine swap knowledge. Honda ECU reprogramming was bi-product of such activities and has always been a fun and challenging side hustle that has opened doors and many friendships for me - I'm glad it's stuck around for this long - till the wheels fall off!


Basic Honda ECU chipping & reprogramming was the core service offered for many years up until the mid 2000's. Then came along the eBay DIY chip kits that saturated the market as well as the Hondata S100/200/300 kits. I rolled with the punches and offered Hondata S300 installation + OBD2 immobilizer bypassing services. Come 2015, with some partners, I introduced AEM EMS & Infinity repair services that has been holding quite steadily. Now with the passing years, I'm seeing the return of golden era Honda ECU's in the form of needing repair work services that breathes another 20 years of life back into these old boys!