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Fixin' AEM Units Since 2015

Because AEM has stopped all warranty services on EMS Series 1/2, a window of opportunity opened up and we took it! We’ve been offering AEM EMS repair services since 2015 and are one of the very few outlets that offer AEM repair services on the planet!

repair procedure

EMS Series 1/2 repair jobs will go through a complete visual inspection, full bench test, and repairs for what the EMS was sent in for. A diagnostic repair report will be sent to you mid-way through if additional repairs are required and/or at full completion.

how to Inquire

To proceed, click the button below or make your way over to the contact page and send me your inquiry!

Please read our AEM repair disclaimer here.

What's the cost for an EMS Series 1/2 repair job?

AEM EMS Series 1/2 repair fee is $250 per EMS (excludes mainboard replacement).

Mainboard replacement is an extra $320 fee.
Connector board replacement is an extra $320 fee.

This is a non-refundable base fee regardless if the unit is repaired or not.

Don’t worry though – we have an approximate 99% repair rate for EMS’s we receive! Its only very rare cases/unique damages when we cannot repair a unit.

This fee includes any/all repairs mentioned in EMS repair list and includes return shipping fees for U.S. domestic customers. International shipping fees are not included and will need to be calculated!

What repair work is included and excluded?

EMS Included Repairs

  • Damaged injector drivers
  • Damaged coil drivers*
    *Additional $150 fee for 6050/51/53 Series EMS’s if found bad. This series receives an updated-new generation and more robust coil driver.
  • Damaged 5v sensor circuit and sensor ground
  • Damaged high sided drivers
  • Damaged low sided drivers
  • Damaged idle circuits
  • Damaged analog circuits
  • Damaged PW circuits
  • Damaged cam circuit
  • Damaged crank circuit
  • Damaged VSS circuit
  • Damaged capacitors
  • Damaged relay circuit
  • Voltage regulator circuit
  • Verify stat sync
  • Damaged visible traces
  • Wipe firmware locked boxes
  • Slight water damage (no hard corrosion)
  • Set to factory specs
  • Set to COP specs (by request)
  • Update EMS to latest mods and revisions
  • Backing up and restoring customer’s tune/calibration
    (not guaranteed, if the damage does not allow us to)

EMS Excluded Repairs

  • Mainboard replacement (extra fee)
    A mainboard replacement is available if we find that your mainboard is damaged and/or unrepairable – a $320 additional fee
  • Complete adapter/connector board replacement (extra fee)
    A connector board replacement is available if we find that yours is damaged and/or unrepairable – a $320 additional fee
  • Damaged connectors
  • Excessive water damage (hard corrosion)

What is the turnaround time for a repair job?

Due to a high volume of repair jobs in 2024, we give an approximate turnaround time of 3-4 weeks that excludes weekends and holidays. Please prepare yourself for this downtime as we do not offer any kind of expedited repair services. 

Turnaround time starts when we physically receive your AEM unit, if payment is received, and excludes all shipping transit time.

AEM units are usually return shipped via USPS Priority mail for domestic US customers.  Guam, Puerto Rico, and other outlying US Islands may vary on shipping carrier (also at customer’s request).

Do you repair EMS Series 4?

Unfortunately, we do not offer repair services for the Series 4 EMS. Sorry!

Do you offer EXPEDITED repair services?

So, please prepare yourself accordingly for the 3-4 week turnaround time if you decide to send us your AEM unit for repair and have an upcoming race.

Do you offer support to International customers?

But return shipping fees are not included and will need to be calculated after contacting me.