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AEM Repair Services

What AEM products do you offer repair services for?

We currently offer 3rd party repair services for the following AEM engine management systems, that are no longer under AEM warranty:

  • EMS Series 1
  • EMS Series 2
  • Infinity Series 3 / 5 / 7

Unfortunately, we do not offer repair services for any other AEM products such as:

  • Gauges & Sensors
  • AEM Digital Dashes
  • EV components
  • Fuel system parts

How much do you charge for AEM repair services?

EMS Series 1/2 repair base fee: $250 (excludes mainboard replacement if needed)
EMS Series 1/2 mainboard replacement: $320

Infinity Series 3/5/7 “software” repairs (Unbricking & bench testing) base fee: $250 
Infinity physical “hardware” repair fees (in addition to base fee

  • USB port replacement for COMS or logging port – $150
  • Bosch UEGO chip replacement – $150
  • Main connector replacement – $150
  • Resistors, coil drivers, injector drivers, switched circuits, low sides, main relay, digitals, cam/crank inputs – $150
  • Series 3/5 PC Board replacement if found damaged or faulty – $520
  • Series 7 PC Board replacement if found damaged or faulty – $750

All fees are non-refundable regardless if the unit is repairable or not.
Repair fees include return shipping costs for U.S. domestic customers.
International shipping fees are NOT INCLUDED and will need to be calculated.

DON’T WORRY! – We have a very high repair success rate! We haven’t received a unit that we couldn’t fix in the 8 years of offering AEM repair services👌.  It is only very-very rare and unique cases when we cannot repair a unit.

Repairs covered are mentioned on the EMS and Infinity repair lists.

What is the turnaround time for AEM repair work?

As of March 2024, we give an un-guaranteed turnaround time of 3-4 weeks that excludes weekends & holidays.
Our repair queue has ramped big time this year and we’re feelin it! If our queue lightens up, you will receive your repaired ECU back sooner than 4 weeks.
Downtime countdown starts when we physically receive your AEM unit, when payment is received, and excludes all shipping transit time.
So, please prepare for this!
Orders are primarily shipped back via USPS Priority mail for domestic customers.  Guam, Puerto Rico, and other outlying US Islands may vary on shipping carrier (also at customer’s request).

Do you offer tech support for EMS or Infinity systems?

No, we do not.
We strictly offer hardware repair services only.
If you need AEM tech support, you can reach out them directly as they still offer tech support for their systems, even under the new Holley ownership.
>> Click here for AEM contact page << 

What if I still have problems with my AEM unit after a repair job?

In the event your AEM unit still has problems after receiving your repair job back, we offer a 14-day warranty period based off the return postage date.

Upon your re-contact with me, I will have you first reach out to AEM support before having you ship back your AEM unit for a warranty ‘reopen’.

There are certain things we cannot replicate on our test bench such as exact running conditions of your vehicle or to replicate the exact problem that you may be experiencing with your AEM unit. There can be a lot of factors at play (old vehicle wiring, bad sensors, etc.). Once AEM support can reconfirm an issue still exists, they will suggest to have you send the unit sent back to us.

Do you offer repair services for international customers?

Although, return shipping costs will need to be calculated.
So, upon contacting us, please give us your full shipping address so that we can give a shipping quote and give a preliminary grand total.

Any tips before sending my AEM unit in for repair?


Please send the initial $250 base fee immediately after you’ve shipped your AEM unit in to prevent delays. We do not begin repair work until payment is received. This is all handled through your initial email contact to us.

Depending on your AEM unit’s level of required repair work, there’s a chance we cannot save your tune. We try to, and then reload it after testing repair work is performed, but there are times when we cannot save the tune – so back it up! Bluntly put, saving your tune is not our responsibility.

We do not offer any kind of faster/expedited repair time frame at this time. So please, make sure that you plan accordingly if you have an upcoming race especially if this is your only AEM unit. Plan for at least 1-month’s down time to be on the safe side.

Honda ECU Services

Which Honda ECU's does your Immobilizer bypass chip work on?

Compatible with the following OBD2 Honda/Acura vehicles & ECU’s:

  • 00-01 USDM Acura Integra (all models) (P72/P73/P75)
  • 98-02 USDM Accord 4cyl
  • 98-04 USDM Accord 6cyl
  • 97-01 USDM Honda Prelude AT/MT (P5M/P5P)
  • 00-05 USDM Honda S2000 (PCX)
    (06-09 S2000 not supported)
  • 1st & 2nd gen USDM Honda Insight
  • Other Honda/Acura’s not mentioned from this era may be compatible, inquire within with photos of your ECU with top cover removed for confirmation.

NOT COMPATIBLE with the following:

  • 01-05 USDM Civic D17A
  • 06-11 USDM Civic R18
  • K-series era vehicles:
    02+ Civic Si/02-06 RSX/03+ Accord/TSX/Element/CRV
  • 06-09 S2000 (PZX)

These vehicles all use newer generation ECU’s and immobilizer system. Companies like Hybrid Racing and K-Tuned offer immobilizer bypass solutions for these generation vehicles.