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Several years ago, AEM discontinued warranty repair services for their Infinity 3/5/7 line.

So, we offer the following three repair services for the Infinity!

  • COMS Reflash aka “Unbricking”
  • Hardware validation via software (bench testing)
  • Physical hardware repair

COMS reflash aka “unbricking” is a software procedure that can bring an Infinity back to life in most cases. “Bricking” is when the Infinity ECU becomes unresponsive/dead after the following occurs:

  • Loss of COMS when uploading, downloading, or updating the unit
  • Power cycling the vehicle too soon during a software upload/download/update
  • Power cycling surges (vehicle on/off)

Hardware validation (bench testing) is the process of checking vitals of the unit and finding out if something is failing internally or if the unit is working perfectly fine. This does not include any physical repair work at all, it is strictly software based testing only. 

Physical hardware repair is the process of repairing physical damage the unit has acquired.  Some examples; a damaged USB port, unseen internal damage such as faulty digital circuit, a damaged main connector, a faulty UEGO, and the real doozy – a faulty main board.  

Repair Fees

AEM Infinity Series 3/5/7 “Unbricking” and/or Bench Testing Fee: $250 per unit

This is a non-refundable base fee regardless if the unit is repairable or not.
The repair fee includes return shipping fees for U.S. domestic customers.
International shipping fees are NOT included and will need to be calculated.

Additional hardware repair services (see list below): $150 per issue


  • Unbricking
  • Software bench test


  • USB port replacement for COMS or logging port – $150
  • Bosch UEGO chip replacement – $150
  • Main connector replacement – $150
  • Resistors, coil drivers, injector drivers, switched circuits, low sides, main relay, digitals, cam/crank inputs – $150
  • Series 3/5 PC Board replacement if found damaged or faulty – $520
  • Series 7 PC Board replacement if found damaged or faulty – $750

** PLEASE NOTE: The Infinity’s compact design has components on both sides of its internal board, with one side being completely inaccessible. A degree of destruction is required to access this side in rare cases. If there is a small chance that damage initially tied to the resistors, injector, or coil drivers could be linked to a component on this inaccessible side, this will/can incur an additional $150 fee. We will let you know before proceeding if your Infinity falls into this situation.

To inquire, please use the contact page for AEM Infinity repair services.