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The immobilizer board (IMMO) is an electronic chip found inside of certain Honda/Acura ECU’s that communicate with the key and ignition system as part of a theft deterrent system. Sometimes the IMMO system can become a hinderance for people performing specific motor swaps, are having key issues with the vehicle, or just outright need an ECU change due to a bad original ECU – thus requiring a costly key reprogramming service from the stealership. This is where my bypass chip comes in clutch!

The most common vehicles they’re found on are the ’00-01 Acura Integra, ’97-01 Prelude, ’00-09 S2000, first + second gen Honda Insight, and ’98+ Accords. Most of the IMMO bypass jobs I’ve done performed revolve around these mentioned vehicles. For newer generation Honda/Acura vehicles (K-series era), I do not support IMMO bypassing at this time.

Immobilizer bypass chip services available for the following USDM Acura/Honda ECU’s:

  • 00-01 Acura Integra VTEC & Non-VTEC (P72/P73/P75)
  • 97-01 Honda Prelude (P5P/P5M)
  • 98-04 Honda Accord (V6 + 4 Cylinder models)
  • 00-05 Honda S2000 AP1/AP2 (PCX)
    Sorry 06-09 S2000 ECU’s NOT supported
  • First + second gen Honda Insight

06-09 S2000 AP2 (PZX), K-series era (RSX & 02+ Civic Si), and 01-05 Civic D17A ECU’s are not compatible with my bypass chip. These vehicles use a newer generation ECU and immobilizer system. Companies like Hybrid Racing and K-Tuned offer immobilizer bypass solutions for these generation vehicles.

Immobilizer Bypass Scenarios

  • When having key issues with an ’00-01 Integra, ’97-01 Prelude, 00-09 S2000 and you don’t want to get ripped off at the dealership for key reprogramming costs
  • When using any ’00-01 Integra ECU for a DOHC VTEC or Non-VTEC engine swapped ’99-00 Civic
  • When using a ’97-01 Prelude ECU in an H-swapped 96-98 Civic or 96-99 Integra
  • When using a ’97-01 Prelude ECU in an H-swapped ’98-02 Accord 
  • When having ECU issues that call for a new-used ECU to replace an existing ECU – beit a ’97-01 Prelude, ’00-01 Integra, ’00-05 S2000, or first gen Honda Insight for whatever reason

Immo Bypass Details

  • Factory IMMO is completely removed and replaced with my aftermarket IMMO bypass chip allowing the vehicle to properly run with no CEL!
  • Compatible with all 00-01 Integra + 97-01 Prelude ECU’s
  • WILL NOT affect emissions in any way, shape, or form!
  • WILL NOT throw any red flags when using an OBD2 scanner tool or during a smog check.
  • AGAIN – NOT compatible with K-series era ECU’s (i.e.. 02-06 RSX, 02-05 Civic Si, 01-05 Civic)
  • The IMMO bypass chip works on the following Honda/Acura ECU’s:
    • 00-01 Integra (all)
    • 97-01 Prelude (all)
    • 00-05 S2000 (cable driven throttle body models)
    • Honda Insight
    • Early V6 Accords (up to 2004)
    • 98-02 Accord
    • early Acura TL
    • Possibly other models too – please contact me with a few photos of your ECU’s top cover removed exposing the PCB for approval.

Fee: $100 – includes bypass chip installation + return standard ship fees (within continental US)

Note: I do not sell IMMO Bypass chips individually. You MUST send me your ECU for chip installation.

Tech Note:
99-00 Civic owners using 00-01 Integra ECU’s:
Due to the immobilizer chip integration on the 00-01 Integra ECU’s and slight wiring differences with the 99-00 Civic chassis, you will need to swap pin A15 over to A16 on the Civic’s “A” ecu connector. If this is not performed you will not have any fuel pump activity. The 00-01 Integra ECU uses pin slot A16 for the fuel pump relay while 99-00 Civic ECU uses A15 pin slot for its fuel pump relay.

Please use the contact page to inquire for this service.